Recent Favorites

Hello there! I’ve decided to share my monthly favorites on beauty products, styles, books, movies, MOOC or new apps that I’m digging. I’d be a fishmonger for not sharing the good things I come across (sell-fish, get it?)! To start off, I figured I’d start off with Recent Favorites, recent denoting the month of July-September.

I picked up this Revlon 440 Colorstay Gel Envy in Watson’s last month, retailing at S$15. It looks Prusian blue with white undertone in the delicate glass bottle but after two coats, you get dark blue. I love that the formula dries off really quickly – after I applied the first coat on five fingers, I could start the second coat on the first finger again. Amazing right? I also like the consistency- it doesn’t go all watery and make a colorful mess on your nail folds and cuticles, especially the right ones. Its endurance is by far the best I’ve ever come across! I’ve had it on for two weeks before one of them started chipping. T-w-o-w-e-e-k-s! This is my first nail polish from Revlon and I absolutely love it.


The Wednesday-Thursday slot of SBS was filled by Its Okay, Its Love from July till this week. This one goes straight to the top of my favorite-drama list, reasons include but not limited to these:

  • It starred my favorite Gong Hyo Jin, who played an independent, loving but short tempered psychiatrist. Also as usual, we got a glimpse of Korea’s fashion trend as her trend-setting styles never fail to impress.
  • The plot and concept were refreshing and daring. Considering the issues of mental health are still taboo in South Korea, delving into this theme on national commercial TV was really a tough but courageous bet.
  • The close-up shots of important facial expressions of characters were absolutely brilliant in pulling heartstrings.
  • The featured soundtracks and original soundtracks are out of the kdrama world. Featured soundtracks include Queens, Pixies, Kaesun, The Killing Time Band, etc. Wheesung and Davichi among others, participated in the OSTs. Enough said?

KKBOX has finally launched the MAC and PC versions! I was ecstatic when I found out about this because I’ve been using this app on my phone and iPad since last year. Now, I can sync and browse playlists on my personal MacBook and also my workplace’s PC! In case you don’t know what this app does, its basically a music app where you get the latest updates on new albums released. What I love most about this app, is that they offer songs across genres, languages and cultures, just the right thing for universal listeners.

A month ago, I finished a book titled A Tale of the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. The story follows a diary of a whimsical Japanese teen with strong suicide ideation. She was brutally harassed and bullied in school, and never understood why her once successful and respectful father turned into a hikikomori with several suicide attempts. To the reader’s comfort, she found refuge in her old great grandmother, Jiko’s teachings. Some of the themes are derived from philosophies of Zen buddhism and some concepts of quantum physics. What makes the book intriguing to read, is that the fictional diary entries were intertwined with the author’s very own semi-autobiography. Its an easy read, not too dark as it might sound and it definitely gave me a fresh point of view in life.

Human-evolutionI’ve also started the Brief History of Humankind (HoH) course on Coursera, and Stocks and Bonds lectures on Khan Academy. Dr Yuval Hahari is absolutely engaging in delivering the lectures, and the content are really easy to understand. I never knew there is another theory explaining how the other homo genus extinct, and how the infamous picture depicting human evolution (above) is actually inaccurate. Sal, the founder of the Khan Academy, personally delivers the Stocks and Bonds lectures in a very simple format. Each video last about 5-7 minutes, just right for my ADHD brain to digest the information. The materials at Khan Academy are relatively easier to understand because if I’m not mistaken, their target audience are schooling students while Coursera offers tertiary level courses. [Side note: I think whoever or whichever institution(s) championed the MOOC idea deserve(s) a Nobel Prize mention.]

I’ll check in again with my monthly favorites in October. Before that, I’ll probably put up some writings and reviews. Till then, stay well, stay hungry!


Myanmar – Mandalay & Min Kun Sky Series

Myanmar – 30 hours in Yangon

What Happened in San Francisco- Sutter Street-Embarcadero by foot

Sneak Peek at Bangkok

This has got to be the most gruesome travel photoshoot ever! The scorching sun was such a huge challenge that, I don’t even know what I was capturing most of the time. Its not just the overexposed sunlight onto the objects and sceneries, and the horrible reflection on the camera display;  but also the heat that pierce into the skin so unbearable that challenges the endurance to catch a perfect snap under such condition.

Anyhow, here are some photos for a sneak peek.

I definitely want to thank my travel mate this time, Shin Yi, for being so patient while waiting for the amateur me photographing.